2023 Strategic Framework

The Long Beach Economic Partnership (LBEP) launched the new year with its 2023 Strategic Plan, developed through extensive working sessions with the Board of Directors sessions last year, facilitated by MIG Consulting, and resulting in a framework for advancing organizational objectives while supporting the goals of the City of Long Beach.

As a next step in achieving the work of LBEP, the board members have identified six areas of sector leadership that will drive the strategy and assist in forming the committee and teams that will do the work of the organization over the course of the year, leveraging their collective knowledge and expertise.

In January, the LBEP board reconvened to review the final recommendations for the strategy, alongside a review of tMayor Rex Richardsons’ goals including his First 100 Days in Office plan, the Opportunity Beach Agenda and the new collaboration with Sunstone Investments regarding the 100 Tech Start-Up Challenge, “Grow Long Beach Coalition” established to be implemented and grow over the net five years.

The launch of these efforts will be supported through a multi-year investment commitment from the City of Long Beach and the Sunstone Community Fund to advance the Grow Long Beach Coalition efforts.


Providing Access, Opportunity, and Impact for the Long Beach Business Community