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To ensure the successful implementation of the Pillar Initiatives and the fulfillment of the Core Commitments, the Long Beach Economic Partnership (LBEP) will establish and maintain four standing committees. These committees play a crucial role in providing essential oversight, guidance, and direction for key objectives, such as marketing, fundraising, and ongoing strategic initiatives. By remaining active throughout the year, these standing committees contribute to the continuous progress and advancement of LBEP’s mission and goals. Through their dedicated efforts, the standing committees will help drive the organization’s impact and ensure the effective execution of its activities.

Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee focuses on fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. They evaluate grants, set fundraising goals, and organize events to enhance fundraising efforts and attract new members to LBEP-led activities.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee supports LBEP’s marketing strategy by providing insights, developing marketable content for pillar initiatives, and expanding the distribution list. They facilitate the dissemination of research, reports, and executive summaries, while promoting events that generate marketable content for the organization.

Launch Beach 100 Tech Start-Ups

The Launch Beach Committee drives Grow Long Beach, leading marketing, communication, and research. Dynamic events create awareness, attract investments, and build a mentor network. With Sunstone Management, we secure venture capital for startups in Long Beach.


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